Friday, November 10, 2006

Initial List of Exeter Soldiers

The following list of soldiers was taken from this photograph of the Exeter Cenotaph. Soldiers from the area that attended South Huron District High School are also detailed in the SHDHS Book of Remembrance. I have asked David MacLeod and his students to join me in finishing this blog. Some soldiers may be from neighbouring communities are not shown in this photograph.

The list and links from the SHDHS Book of Remembrance have been inserted here to start the process. We will continue with the linking of all of these soldiers to their LAC Attestation Papers, CWGC Memorials and the Virtual War Museum.

Thomas Harold Carling Bisset
Earl Elbert Gardiner
Loftus Roy Hern
Clinton Stephen Hogarth
John Gordon Hogarth
Lawernce Earl Johns
John Daniel Laing
James Russell Marshall
Elmer McFalls
Robert Henry Passmore
Thomas William Penhale
Cecil Gerald Verity Pickard
Wilber John Rowe
Victor Sanders
John Caldwall Strang
Reginald David Turnbull
Sydney West
Almer Thomas Willis
Harry Ernest Windsor

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Anonymous said...

I am a decendant of H Broom 528177 PTE Canadian Army Medical Corp. I found this site when I was researching his war medals. If you are looking for details or you can provide me with more information, please contact me a
Thanks from H Broom's great granddaughter (nee Ann Broom)